What’s The Future Of Bitcoin?

What will happen to Bitcoin? Let’s look one, ten, twenty years into the future. Will it keep growing with consistency?

These questions are vital for crypto-investors. After all, you cannot create lasting wealth without a reliable source of income. Those who foresee the future will prepare better for opportunities.

Remember, cryptocurrencies are volatile. However, Bitcoin is the most reliable of the group. It beats any other crypto. It’s secure, widespread, and accessible.

But that doesn’t make it flawless. No matter what changes, the market trends aren’t permanent. Something unexpected may happen despite the contrary evidence.

Today, Bitcoin is worth over five figures. It’s been growing since January 2020. It’s almost second nature to believe it will keep growing.

Can We Predict The Future Of Bitcoin?

It’s too easy to explain why the value has gone up. At the same time, it’s especially hard to picture what could go wrong and lead to a crash. And that’s a problem.

Say Bitcoin plummets for several months. People will think it will never recover. Now, imagine its value goes up, like today, and the masses will expect it to always be like that.

There’s always an opportunity and a downside. If we ignore it, any prediction would be unreliable. What you’ve seen recently about Bitcoin is a long-term pattern, not a recent event.

What’s in it for you? It means the market will remain unpredictable in the short term, but not in the long game.

Bitcoin In The Future: Tomorrow VS Years Ahead Of Time

When predicting Bitcoin in the short term, investors have three disadvantages…

…what they don’t know

…factors out of control

…moves based on market noise

Because of it, Bitcoin can skyrocket or crash right tomorrow, for no apparent reason. There’s still day-traders making huge profits, but the risk involved is too high for passive investors.

What if we choose to invest for years? You get three advantages…

…the existing price records

…tax efficiency

…moves made on universal principles

It doesn’t matter if you choose Bitcoin or stocks. The longer a market has existed, the simpler it is to predict the future.

More and more people use Bitcoin. Technology makes the currency more reliable. More states accept Bitcoin as an official currency. These events will happen sooner or later. Bitcoin may be inconsistent, but the yearly projection will always be good.

That’s why passive investors make far more profits.

How to proceed

Anybody can make money with crypto in any condition. All you need is a strategy that adapts to any situation.

Here’s what most people don’t get: you don’t need to predict the future to win.

Sure, you’ll make more money if you get the right timing. But, even if all your predictions are wrong, you still make more money than those who never got into the game. Not investing IS the risk!

Remember, being a smart investor isn’t that simple. It takes discipline to stick to your plan when the market is swinging, especially with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin has nothing to do with what we knew in 2011. Although crypto will grow in the long-term, you should always be prepared for uncertainty.

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